Private Health Coaching Program

One Degree Health Shift™
Private Health Coaching

Dedicated Coach & Nutritionist

Coaching & Accountability from your dedicated coach so you can meet your personal wellness goals and reclaim your health & vitality.

Personalized & Actionable

Start with our 360 Wellness Assessment to learn what your body needs specifically, and be coached on habit changes that you can make for big results.

Wellness Portal & Digital Content

24/7 Support at your fingertips with our digital and video content (e.g. shopping guides, recipes, cheat sheets, travel tips).

Unlimited Messaging Support

Unlimited Email, Text, & Voice Messaging Support and Communication with your coach between sessions.


You are Unique & Whole

So we approach Nutrition and Health Coaching by integrating all the areas of life that Make You, You.

Healthy Food Choices
Daily Exercise
Sleep Quality
My Relationships
Career & Work-Life Balance
Joy & Quality of Life
How Healthy I Feel
We believe the right combination of small lifestyle shifts can lead to big results with your health and wellness.
That’s why work beyond just  “Diet And Exercise” to help you find the right formula to thrive. 

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