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Take Control of your wellness with our Health Snapshot

If you want a picture of your current health to reach your wellness goals, then our Health Snapshot service is for you.

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Why Do I Feel This Way? And How Can I Fix It?

Are you suffering from low energy, sleep issues, hormones feeling out of whack? With our Health Snapshot, you'll gain insight into why you're feeling this way and make a plan for reclaiming your health and vitality. 

Praise for our Health Snapshot Service

Hear from our clients on how they benefited from their Health Snapshot:


Highly recommended! I did this with Danielle a few months ago, and it was eye-opening to say the least. Best of all, it gave me a helpful roadmap for improving my health. ~Consuelo K.


It's helped me lose almost 30 pounds in 6 weeks, and my energy levels are so much higher. Danielle and One Degree Health have made a positive health influence on me. ~Kara L.


As to the goals we created together, the Gluten goal has been incredibly successful. I have been completely gluten-free since the day following my session. I have noticed a positive difference in my digestive comfort and I intend to carry on this way. I have also noticed that I have not been drinking quite as much coffee. Some days it is 4pm and I realized I never had my afternoon cup or two! Not sure what directly caused this, but I am positive it is a good thing! 😊 ~Jill A.


I've spent the past year working with Danielle and One Degree Health and my health - physical, emotional, and mental - has changed for the better. I don't mean that anecdotally, I mean it in a "game-changing health indicators, my doctor is really happy and saying 'keep it up'" way. I now have rock star cholesterol numbers, for example. I've made some big changes in how I approach the foods I choose to eat and how much I move, and It.Is.Worth.It. If you want to feel better and be healthier, I proudly recommend One Degree Health. ~Ashley W.

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Thank you for re-energizing me!!


Highly Recommended!


Danielle is the whole package - Mind, Body, Spirit!


Game-changing! Knows her stuff

Hey, I'm Danielle Atcheson. I'm a Functional Nutritionist & Wellness Coach.

And I help busy professionals reclaim their health & vitality so they can lead meaningful, healthy lives.

My Health Snapshot Service Will Help You -

Your Health Snapshot Includes

Health Snapshot is a Comprehensive Panel of Blood Work, Professional Analysis through Functional Medicine Lens, & Wellness Coaching ($1,800 Value)

Comprehensive Lab Panel

Bloodwork on 50+ biomarkers that are key indicators to your health & wellness.
$1,200 Value


Functional Medicine Analysis

Your lab results are analyzed by licensed professionals through the Functional Medicine lens.
$200 Value


Health Coaching Session

We'll review your results together identifying diet & lifestyle actions that can help you achieve your wellness goals.
$250 Value


Roadmap of Next Steps

Take action on the lab report & analysis findings. You'll leave this session with action steps for achieving optimal wellness.
$197 value

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Comprehensive blood work of over 50 markers ($1200+ value)
  • Professional analysis through functional wellness lens ($250 value)
  • Health Coaching Session to review results and make plans for change ($250 Value)
  • Custom Lab Analysis Report with Functional Ranges and Suboptimal & Optimal Indicators
  • Recommendation for Next Steps & Habits

Comparable services are in the thousands. We offer this service at an incredibly low price because we believe everyone should know their body and get insight into their wellness numbers, before it’s too late.

We recommend everyone gets their Health Snapshot at least once a year to know where they are on their wellness journey.

  • VITAMIN D, 25-OH (Retail $129)
  • VITAMIN B12 (Retail $99)
  • Free T3
  • T4
  • TSH
  • C-REACTIVE PROTEIN (CRP) (Retail $79)
  • LIPID PANEL (Cholesterol, Triglycerides) (Retail $79)
  • ESTRADIOL (Retail $179)
  • TESTOSTERONE (Retail $121)

This comprehensive panel of tests would cost approximately $1200 out-of-pocket and is not usually covered by insurance without a pre-existing condition.

*The retail value above is based on current rates at available from other online test providers and do not reflect the actual cost your health insurance or hospital may charge (which in our experience is usually higher).

We look at your lab results with a functional lens, reviewing your labs using “functional ranges.” Functional ranges are different than “normal” or “conventional” lab marker ranges in that they focus on the optimal range of nutrient and organ function in the body – the ranges that prevent disease and maintain good health. These ranges are often higher or lower than conventional medical ranges.

A conventional doctor may say your lab results are “in normal ranges” in terms of a diagnosis, while functional medicine may see these same results as “suboptimal” for wellness. 

Short answer: Yes, we accept FSA/HSA card payments for all of our programs and services.

Longer answer: One Degree Health, LLC is classified as an “8099-Mental health, sports medicine misc medical” business which allows for payment of our programs and services with FSA/HSA cards. However, please bear in mind that these cards tend to have many rules and regulations attached to them, which are outside of One Degree Health, LLC’s control.

If you attempt to use your FSA/HSA card to purchase our programs and services, we cannot guarantee that your FSA/HSA card will be accepted. If you run into any issues when attempting to pay with your FSA/HSA card, there is nothing that One Degree Health, LLC can do to push the payment through. We advise that you contact your FSA/HSA card’s bank/administrator to find out why the charge was declined. If additional support is needed, please open a ticket by emailing us at with the subject line “FSA/HSA Support”

Insurance companies will generally only approve these lab tests if you have a pre-existing condition. If we were to use insurance and it’s denied, this would add an additional $1,200 to your cost. This is why we do not take insurance for this service. This is also why we provide this service – so you can get insight into valuable biomarkers key to your health that conventional practitioners won’t run because of the insurance restriction. 

Absolutely! Schedule your consult at

Next Steps

After you purchase your Health Snapshot, you will receive an email requesting additional information required by LabCorp. Once we have this information from you, we will send you your pre-paid lab order that you can then take to any LabCorp in the country to have your blood drawn. 

You will meet with a Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach to review the doctor’s analysis of your blood test results. We will send you a link to schedule your session once your blood results have come back. You and your coach will meet over the phone or via Zoom.

Contact us at and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can also call our office at 720-729-0799.