MICRO-HABIT MINDSET: Creating a Healthier, Happier You with the 9 Keystone Micro-Habits

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Danielle Atcheson is on a mission to inspire healthier living using the power of micro-habits. She’s a popular speaker, a board-certified health & wellness coach, and founder of One Degree Health. As a former Fortune 500 executive, she knows firsthand how hard it can be to prioritize our health. 

Danielle started One Degree Health to coach busy professionals on how to achieve their best health using the power of micro-habit changes. She shares her roadmap to wellness with other busy professionals through engaging workshops, online programs, and private coaching. Learn more at 

danielle Atcheson, NBC-HWC, CHN, LMC

Why Micro-Habits?


“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

John C. Maxwell

“It’s the small habits. How you spend your mornings. How you talk to yourself. What you read and what you watch. Who you share your energy with. Who has access to you. That will change your life.”

Michael Tonge

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